We have pulled together excellent local and national artists, whose combined talents cover any style of tattooing from traditional to photo realism.  We also feature guest artists from around the country who help provide us exposure to a creative, fresh outlook on our industry and our art. Keep your eyes open for who will be in the studio next.  We bring you the highest caliber artists, in the cleanest environment, at a fair price. That is why we have been voted “Best of OKC” every year since 2006.


Dave Ruiz

Originally from El Paso, Texas artist David Ruiz moved here from Dallas, Texas in 2013. Specializing in black and grey realism as well as neo-traditional work, Dave has been tattooing professionally since 2000. Dave is a well-seasoned artist who really enjoys doing photo-realistic portrait pieces, but can easily handle any tattoo style you have in mind.



Josh Ross

From San Diego, California by way of Nashville, Tennessee, Josh “Horiokie” Ross has been tattooing professionally since 2005. Josh is capable of any tattoo style, but he specializes in traditional Japanese work. Arguably the best with that subject matter in Oklahoma, he keeps very busy with large scale work and tends to stay booked up. However, you’ll find his depth of knowledge, passion and skill set to be well worth the wait.



Randy Randerson

Something of a maverick, artist Randy Randerson hails from Phoenix, Arizona and has been tattooing professionally since 2005. Yes, that is his actual, legal name. Randy’s wealth of knowledge concerning American traditional and neo-traditional tattoo art has definitely shaped and directed his natural abilities. You’ll find his enthusiasm for tattooing shows in every piece he creates and applies.



David Yubeta

Another Dallas, Texas resident, David apprenticed under veteran artist Erik Inclan before we “borrowed” him from Ace In The Hole Studio back in 2014. He has been tattooing professionally since 2012, and is proficient in all tattoo styles. When booking with David you’ll find him always striving to find exactly the design you have in mind and won’t be happy until you are.



Guest Artists:



Erik Inclan

Artist Erik comes to us from Dallas, Texas, where he owns and operates Ace In The Hole Tattoo Studio. He has been doing guest spots with us since 2010, but he’s been in the industry for much, much longer. With 28 years of tattooing under his belt, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in Oklahoma City with more knowledge or experience. Although Erik specializes in American traditional, he is proficient in all tattoo styles.



Shelly Wahweotten

From Kansas City, Kansas, Shelly is one of our most consistent guest artists and has been doing spots for us over the past couple of years. She has been professionally tattooing since 1998 and you can usually find her here every other month for a week or two.  Shelly is proficient in all styles, but especially enjoys American traditional, geometric pieces and pointillism.

(portfolio coming soon)


Charly Reynoso

Owner and operator of Black Diamond Tattoo located in Venice Beach, California, Charly has been swinging by for a week or two several times a year since 2015. He’s been a professional tattoo artist since 1996. Charly prefers American traditional as well as neo-traditional, but is comfortable with most tattoo styles.

(portfolio coming soon)